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Product Engineering

Re-engineering to reduce overall costs is often the first call to save costs.

However if its not completed considering all aspects, this can have a quality or performance impact that is not good for business.  


We specialise in re-engineering and have experince with metals, plastics, glassware and ceramics production types.


We can help provide and 'end to end' solutions that reduce costs and still maintain the required quality standard


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If you want to ensure you products will give you the competitive edge against the competition, Benchmarking is essential


This process can include product testing to performance standards, packaging user content and even customer questionaires.


We can provide you with clear, concise benchmarking data with conclusive guidance on how your product can be developed to ensure your product offers the customer the best value in its retail sector.

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Product Benchmarking

We offer onsite and factory inspection programmes in the UK to suit your business needs. In addition, we can offer a operational review service, generate corrective action documents, prepare you for and support your site through audit programmes, making the process smoother and faster to complete.


In addition, we have a support network in the Far East allowing cost effective 'on-site' Technical support and pre-shipment inspection programmes to help target product quality issues throught the products life.  

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The Right Facilities

We offer retailers and importers support programmes to maintain specifc projects, internal Technical databases and manage all of your Technical programmes.    


Our flexible packages can work around your business needs, actively running in the background and there when you need our help or support  


Drop us an email or call us to discuss your requirements as we support short, medium and longer term projects as part of our core business.

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Maintaining Quality Standards

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